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El Nino Predictions, 2016 Compstick Likes & Ride Engine HYPE!


El Nino Season 2015-16

What does it mean for us?
The El Nino season coming upon us for the winter of 2015-16 means several things for our wind and surf conditions. El Nino winters are characterized by a stronger than average Pacific Jet Stream. This means a wet and late winter season between December and April. Come late November/early December, we may experience more severe weather activity with stronger than average W/NW winds and chance for storms. El Nino can also be characterized by lots of late season Northeasters which deliver consistent swell and wind to our east coast. For more information visit some of these sites listed below. Look for a more detailed interview on El Nino with Shea Gibson from Weatherflow Inc. coming soon to our blog page.

2016 Slingshot Compstick w/ Sentinel Saftey

What do we like about it?
Slingshot has brought some new features to the Compstick this year and we are happy to see them.

The first big change is the addition of the sentinel safety system.
This is an update from the guardian system from 2014-2015 and is incredibly easy to use. No more messing with a pin and bungee system. Simply slide the quick release forward and insert the chicken loop.

The above the bar trim and trim magnet is clutch.
We now have the option to use below the bar or above the bar trim. The below the bar Compstick comes with the late model guardian safety system whereas the above the bar Compstick comes with the sentinel and swivel. The above-bar trim cleat and magnet is adjustable so that the rider can change the throw of the bar. When depowered, simply touch the trim cleat loop to the cleat itself and a small magnet holds the excess line out of your way.

A below the bar swivel makes twisting out your lines a breeze!
The Center of the Universe swivel doesn't freely swivel forever and it is too far away from the bar to reach while riding. The addition of the below the bar swivel to the Compstick with Sentinel is great for untangling your twisted lines on the fly.

compstick with sentinel promo


Ride Engine Hype!

Have you heard the hype about one of the most talked about new products in the kiteboarding world? Ride Engine is coming into the kiteboarding scene with the Hex Core Waist Harness. The Hex Core is a new style of waist harness that uses a completely rigid, molded back piece and a free-sliding rope spreader bar.
 Ride Engine Hex Core Review

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Erika, Closeouts & Used Gear

Hurricane Erika Updates

Hurricane Erika
As hurricane Erika inches closer to our Florida border, the possibility of sizable wind and wave activity grows. Erika is tracked to arrive on Sunday/ Monday. Currently a tropical storm, Erika is carrying winds 40-45kts and crawling at 18mph NNW towards Miami. Projected paths put the large storm right on top of Central Florida but we Kiters can only hope that Erika veers NNE and skirts our shoreline. Lets keep our fingers crossed and continue to be safe with our riding practices.


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How to Quickly Assemble Your LF Foilboard

The Quickest Way to Assemble Your LF Foil

Nice! You just got home with your BRAND NEW Liquid Force Foil Fish Kit. You're ready to ride and need to put this thing together quickly without risk of damage. Here's how you do it.










  Step 1

 After opening the mast/wing bag, take the fuselage and attach the wing from the top with the three matching medium screws as shown.







Step 3

Take the same action with the rear wing fastening till snugg. Now take the mast and set the base on the floor. Take the two large screws and drive them through the top of the fuselage, fusing it to the mast.








  Step 4

 After carefully flipping the entire assembly so that the wings are supporting the structure, then take the mast base pad and place it on top of the base plate with the front sign facing towards the large wing.







Step 5

Take the foil fish board and place it upside down on the floor with the long screws popped upward through the screw holes. Now seat the baseplate of the mast down on the screws. Be sure you put the mast on with the wings facing forward. Fasten the bolts in a criss-cross pattern like securing a car tire! You're almost done.

 Step 6

Take the straps and fasten to the bolt holes in the top of the board. Nice work!











Choosing your riding spot, New Cabrinha Releases, What is a Rinse Kit?

Choosing the Best Riding Spot in Central Florida

      We get a lot of inquiries from riders on where the best spot is to pump up and go ride. I thought it might be helpful to break down my thought process and share it with you all. The truth is that choosing your riding spot is literally half the battle. The other half is enjoying your session knowing that you got the drop on the wind/weather conditions. Alright here goes!
       In Central Florida we get many different types of conditions. Windy season for us is October through March. This is
wetsuit season which means cold fronts and Noreasters. Suit up and look for the signs. Cold fronts usually cause winds to sweep from the Southeast and clockwise over a period of 3 days. The last days of the front are predominantly NNE or NE. When the wind is West, ride manatee park or the slick. Winds are turbulent so rig appropriately for periodic lulls. STAY OUT OF THE OCEAN ON WEST WINDS. When the wind is NW or N then plan for the slick. We live to ride the buttery flat waters of the 520 slick on a North wind. As the wind turns NE then get your butt to the beach. Side-onshore winds will make the surf a kiter's playground. Cherie Down park in Cape Canaveral is our kite beach and you will most likely run into someone to ride with or help you launch. Launch anywhere and ride except for the Patrick Air Force Base. WATCH FOR BYSTANDERS!! This is prime time to do a downwinder from Cape Canaveral to 13th street South. Take $1.25 and catch the bus back.
       The off or summer season is characterized by light winds in the morning with an afternoon seabreeze. Seabreezes are fickle so keep your spidey senses tingling when riding out in the ocean or far from land in the river. SE winds are the best in the summer and you will often find that the river works far better than the ocean. This has something to do with the thermal affect the warm river has. If it's 10mph on the beach, then its probably 12-16mph in the Banana River. Ride the Slick or Bird Island. If we do get enough breeze on the ocean then do a down winder from 13th street south to our shop or Cherie Down Park.
      If all of these spot names are unfamiliar to you then check out to get the scoop on rules, riding and launching procedure. Have fun and ride safe!

2016 Cabrinha Release

What is a Rinse Kit?

A rinse kit is a 2 gallon water storage jug that pressurizes fresh water allowing you to take your shower anywhere. These have proven priceless for post-session rinse offs and gear cleaning on the go. These kits have so many uses and the setup is so mobile you can fit them anywhere you please. Leave it in the sun and have a hot shower after a long day. These make a nice gift!

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