JetSki Board Skills

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Jet-Ski Board Skills

This lesson is designed to get you up riding and comfortable on a twin tip Kiteboard, Foilboard, Wakeboard or Surfboard. 

$150 an hour

Riding the board behind a jet-ski takes away all the worries of learning the kite and board skills at the same time. This allows you to practice in open water free from all obstructions with the steady, predictable pull of the ski. Learning to kite is all about marrying your kite skills with your board skills. We find that some students without board sports backgrounds develop their ability with the kite faster than the board. This lesson is designed to save you time, money and frustration by amplifying your board learning time.  

This ia great option for all Wakeboarder, Surfers, Paddleboarders, Kiteboarders, Windsurfers and others wanting to learn how to ride a hydrofoil. The Flight School System allows quick and safe learning of foil riding. It is a great foundation for any foiling activity. WE WILL PROVIDE THE FOIL BOARD!! 

Board Skills Lessons are normally given on the north side of the 520 Causeway across from the famous 520 Slick.

In this lesson you will:

– Meet at the 520 Slick boat ramp 

– Cruise to open, chop-protected waters of the Banana River

– Work on skills needed to get up on the board  

– Learn how to ride a hydrofoil while being pulled behind a jetski or Practice carving and holding an edge if using a kiteboard

– Foilers will have the ability to utilize the Slingshot Flight School system with different size masts to maximize learning

– Become comfortable in both “goofy” and “regular” stances 

– Master turning and 180-degree transitions 

– Have a great time getting towed around by our powerful jet-ski! 

– Have the ability to work on advanced board skills such edge and pop (jumps)

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