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Wing Surf Lessons

Wing Foiling lesson
Wingsurfing Lesson

Wing Surfing (Wing Foiling) Lessons

Wingsurfing is the newest craze! Let us teach you how! We normally teach wing foiling in three parts;

1.) Foil Lessons behind the Jetski 2.) Wing Lesson 3.) Combine the two

$150 an hour

$200 an hour total for two people

Learning to foil behind a jet-ski takes away all the stress of learning the wing and foil skills at the same time. This allows one to focus on the muscle memory of the foil with the steady, predictable pull of the jetski. The 2nd part focuses on flying the wing. This can be done on the beach or in the shallow water of the Banana River. Getting comfortable holding wing is essential before hoping on a board. Once the foil skills and wing skills are acquired, then we can combine these. We offer Jetski support allowing you to focus on the skills without worrying about ending up downwind with a bunch of gear.


Wing Surfing (aka Winging, Wing Foiling, Wingding) uses a hand-held inflatable “wing” to propel oneself on the water using the power of wind. Though it can be done on standard paddleboard (SUP) with the addition of center fin or keel, it is most commonly paired with a hydrofoil and foilboard. The low resistance of the hydrofoil allows the wind to push you in the air and glide above the water with the use of the wing. The sport is a cross between kiteboarding, windsurfing, foiling surfing and paddleboarding.

Hydrofoiling using a lifting surface, or foil, that operates in water. They are similar in appearance and purpose to aerofoils used by airplanes however the lift is created in the water instead of the air. As a hydrofoil (or wing) gains speed beneath the board, the hydrofoils lift the board and rider out of the water. Being above the water greatly decreases drag. This allows for increased speeds, better angles upwind while sailing, the ability ride ocean swell and just an overall amazing feeling. It’s like riding a magic carpet!

There are no real prerequisites needed to be pulled with the jetski on a hydrofoil board. Although it’s not necessary, some prior board or sailing experience will certainly making learning easier.  Skill obtained in kiteboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, standup paddleboarding, sailing, windsurfing or snowboarding will all crossover . We teach our hydrofoil and wingsurfing lessons on a buoyant paddleboard so it is as easy as possible. Students with decent board skills going into the lesson typically take 1-2 lessons to feel comfortable with the feeling of foiling.

In this lesson you will:

– Get yourself to the 520 Slick boat ramp

– Cruise to open water of the Banana River

– Work on any skills needed to get up on the board

– Learn how to ride a hydrofoil while being pulled behind a jetski

– Become comfortable in both “goofy” and “regular” stances if desired

– Fly a hand held inflatable wing

– Work on getting to your feet while flying the wing

– Combine wing skills with foil skills while being chased by a jetski

– Working going upwind and hitting jibe transitions

Suggested items to bring with you on the day of your lesson:

1.) Sunglasses

2.) Hat

3.) Sunscreen

4.) Booties (water shoes)

5.) Water

6.) Wetsuit (if needed)

7.) Helmet and Life Jacket (if you have)

8.) Stoke

The possibilities of what to do with your recently acquired hydrofoil skills are up to you! You may very well want to take some more kiteboarding lessons or even an efoil lesson!

Lessons will typically meet at the shop and then head to the 520 Slick located below:

520 Slick

Call or email us today to schedule a lesson! You can also purchase a Gift Certificate through our online store now at the link below. This can be purchased for yourself or a loved one. Appointments can then be made later when it’s convenient for the recipient.

Wingfoiling in waves
Wingfoiling surf