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Our Kitesurfing Instructors are highly qualified, educated and experienced. We are fully equipped with the knowledge and skill to provide safe and informative lessons. Our lesson plans have evolved from what we have found works over the years. Do not be fooled by unqualified instructors. Read more about our instructors below:

Time teaching watersports: Over 18 years

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida.

Certifications Obtained: IKO Level 2 Instructor, PADI Dive Master, CPR and First Aid Examiner

Background: Billy has been surfing and participating in extreme sports since a little kid. He began surfing at the Cocoa Beach Pier at a very early age. Working as a surf instructor in the summers during high school and college, he quickly caught on to the amazing activity that is Kiteboarding. It wasn’t long before everyone was asking him for lessons and Good Breeze Kiteboarding was born. Ron Jon Kiteboarding was created after years of working as a Surf Instructor and Summer Camp Director at the Ron Jon Surf School. Billy has done a great deal of traveling to Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the Outer Banks. He has spent time in many areas of Florida including Daytona Beach, the Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville and Cocoa Beach. During his time at the University of Florida, he created the Kiteboarding Gators Club and participated in many Collegiate Kiteboarding Association (CKA) events and competitions. He is still active in the CKA and constantly encourages college students to get involved. Billy’s passion is kitesurfing in the waves with a strapless back roll. Read more about Billy here in Shop Talk from The Kiteboarder Magazine.

Time Teaching :   over 20 years
Education: Master’s in Music Education from Florida Atlantic University.
Certifications Obtained: IKO, Advanced Lifesaving Skills, CPR, and Water Safety.
Favorite Trick: Back roll tail grab 
Background: Phil Rodell has been surfing since he was a teenager back in the 80’s. A lifelong Florida resident, he knows our Florida breaks, as well as Costa Rica, Hawaii, Cali and Puerto Rico. He is on staff as a surf instructor with Craig Carroll’s Ron Jon Surf School, as well teaching for the public school system.
Phil’s love of the ocean led him to obtain his PADI certification in open water diving back in 2002. However, it is kiteboarding that has really hooked him and holds his passion! Introduced to the sport in 2006, his skills quickly progressed and he found himself frequently asked if he taught lessons. When Phil met Billy Bosch of Good Breeze, his fate was set! He became an IKO Certified Instructor in 2009 and joined Billy here in beautiful Cocoa Beach.

Phil holds a Masters in Music from Florida Atlantic University. He teaches music at several local high schools, writes competitive drill for their marching bands, and plays professionally in several regular events. Phil’s passion

Anthony “Ant Man” DeFilippo

Time Teaching Kiteboarding: 6 years
Favorite trick: A nice suspended dark slide
Certifications: CPR & First Aid, NAUI Scuba Diver
Education: Studying Mechanical Engineering at UCF
Background: Anthony wears many metaphorical hats. He is a full time student at the University of Central Florida, Kiteboarding Instructor, Surfing instructor, and Experienced in Kite Repair.

Anthony started kiteboarding in 2007 and ever since, has been completely consumed by the sport. He has kited in locations such as:  Hood River Oregon, Outer Banks North Carolina, Shacks Beach Puerto Rico, and Islamorada Florida. His favorite kiting location is one found right here in Central Florida.  Upon completion of his degree, Anthony plans to use his education to help develop/ advance technologies and make science fiction science fact, particularly in the aerospace industry.

Eric Knight

Time Teaching in Watersports : 17 years
Certifications Obtained : IKO Level I Instructor, First Aid & CPR
Favorite Trick : Backroll Kite Loop
Eric has been surfing his whole life and starting kiteboarding in 2009. He spent many years teaching people to surf in Florida and Costa Rica. He has lived in Costa Rica and speaks fluent Spanish.

Randall Lum

(Stunt Kite and Single Line Expert Consultant)

Randall was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaiian Islands. He has always had a tremendous love of the ocean and aviation. After retiring from commercial aviation as a pilot, Randall turned his love for flying into a business, Krazy Kites, and later with Hawaiian Kiteworks, retailing and designing high-tech stunt kites as well as traditional single line Kites in Orlando Florida.

Kite Pilot – Piloting Large Stunt Kites behind jetski:
Epcot Disneyworld Kiteshow “Surprise in the Sky”
Seaworld Orlando, Atlantic Bayside Stadium

He helped Kiteboarding Pioneer, Flash Austin, with one of the first 4 – Lines Foil kite by Flexifoil in the early 1990s. Flash took that kite to Maui and the rest was history.