$200 for up to two (2) hours

*Equipment included


$50 an hour after the initial 2 hours

Watercraft supervision is available for those who are up and riding but not quite staying upwind consistently or those who just feel more comfortable with someone keeping an eye on them in case something goes wrong. This is also a way to rent (hire) equipment if you are traveling and do not have any with you. $100 minimum includes up to two hours of time. You will have to prove that you are fairly self-sufficient and do not need constant attention from an instructor. An instructor will most likely be working with a beginner student while keeping an eye on you. We can provide equipment if available. Lessons have first priority on the equipment, watercraft, and instructor. It is at the discretion of the instructor whether a student is at a sufficient level to participate in “Supervision”. If an instructor finds that you are not at Supervision level and you need constant attention, the Water Lesson rate will be charged and/or the Supervision ended.  If an instructor feels you are ready for the ocean you may also be eligible for a Guided Downwinder!

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