Intro Kiteboarding Lesson


Beginner Intro Kiteboarding Lesson

~2.5 Hours

$275 for one person

add a second person for only $25

$300- 2 People

$450- 3 People

$600- 4 People (typically split between two instructors)

Not sure where to start? Start with an Intro Lesson. This is your foundation for becoming a kiteboarder/kitesurfer. Learning to fly the kite is an essential part of kiteboarding. Don’t be fooled by discounted “Group Ground Courses”. This is a private lesson to make sure you (and friends if you desire) get the attention you need to learn the essentials. $275 is the price for a private Intro Lesson. You are welcome to bring one more person for only $25 more. 

This lesson can be done on land or in shallow water (condition dependent). It is very important to learn proper kite skills before adding the element of the board. The majority of this lesson is spent learning relevant kite flying skills with a full-size inflatable kiteboarding kite. All lessons are booked private unless you bring a partner(s).  

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