Kite Hydrofoil

Kite Hydrofoil

HydroFoil Kite Lessons

Learn to foil in the safety of the Banana River or the Beautiful Atlantic Ocean
$110 Per Hour (Limited to One Person at a Time)

NOTE: This lesson is for experienced kiteboarders only. In order to learn to foil, you must be able to ride in both directions, do transitions and make upwind progress.

In this lesson you will:

-Learn how foil boards work

-Learn how to safely mount and dismount the Foilboard

-Start with a short mast to feel the sensation of foiling

-Progress your way to slightly larger masts

-Master Foilboard starts

-Get on plane and retain balance while planning

-Master foiling upwind and downwind riding

**Highly recommended  that you complete the FREE Foil Academy program before your lesson:

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