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Hourly or Water Kiteboard Lessons

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Kiteboarding Supervision or Equipment rental

Water/Hourly Lessons

$125 an hour or $70 per person with buddy (limited to two people at time)

This lesson normally uses WATERCRAFT SUPPORT IN FLAT SHALLOW WATER!! Having an instructor on a jetski accelerates the learning process dramatically. The use of a jetski allows students to get the most of their time and therefore saves them money! Watercraft support also makes lessons much safer.  We remove your worries by allowing you to practice in open water free from all obstructions or other kiters. Even if you are taking lessons elsewhere, we highly recommend having a watercraft with you at all times during water lessons. 

A prior kiteboarding lesson such as our Intro Course is highly recommended before taking hourly lessons. If you have not taken an introductory kite flying course yet, the Intro Lesson is much more cost effective and would be better starting point. We will happily work with you on an hourly basis no matter what. However, the skills learned in the Intro Course are required to advance in kiteboarding and will still need to be mastered if taking Hourly Lessons.

In this lesson you will:

– Master kite setup

– Master one hand flying

– Downwind body drags

– Upwind body drags

– Upwind body drags with board

– Recover board using body drags

– Master Self Rescue

– Learn how to board start in both directions

– Work on riding and going upwind

– Learning how to jump

– Learn to change directions

– Work on any aspect of your riding!

Suggested items to bring with you on the day of your lesson:

1.) Sunglasses

2.) Hat

3.) Sunscreen

4.) Booties (water shoes)

5.) Water

6.) Wetsuit (if needed)

7.) Stoke

Once you have taken a sufficient number of Hourly Lessons (quantity varies per person) then your instructor may suggest that you are eligible for what we call “Supervision”. Supervision is a way of renting gear (or using your own) while being monitored by instructor. The instructor will be in the area either working with another student or maybe riding with you. They will make sure you are safe and are able to return to where you started. For full details on Supervision click below:

Most lessons will meet at the Shop and then head to the 520 Slick.

Shop Address:

110 Dixie Lane

Cocoa Beach FL 32931

520 Slick Location:

Call or email us today to schedule a lesson! You can also purchase a Gift Certificate through our online store now at the link below. This can be purchased for yourself or a loved one. Appointments can then be made later when it’s convenient for the recipient.