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Now offering E-foil (Electric Hydrofoil) Lessons and Demos in Cocoa Beach

Learn to to ride electric hydrofoil boards
Efoil Lessons and Demos
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Sign up today to learn how to ride the Lift Efoil –$350

This is something anyone can learn with the proper instruction! No foiling, surfing, kiteboarding or other board sport background required (although they help). Efoil Lessons run about 1.5 hour long and cost is $350.00 for one person or split the time with two people for $400. Or one person can purchase two sessions upfront for $600!  About 1 hour+ of this time is riding the board. These lesson/demos are one-on-one with a qualified instructor. We are an Authorized Lift Affiliate so let us help you order your very own E-foil today or take one home from our shop! We carry all the Lift Accessories including wings, masts, boards, controllers, batteries, cases and spare parts.

There are NO Prerequisites for taking an E-Foil Lesson besides being able to swim. The better ones balance and the more experience they have with board sports, will correlate to a quicker learning experience. E-Foiling is surprisingly user friendly and pretty much ANYONE can learn! As long as you can get to your feet from your stomach and knees, then you have the ability to learn E-foiling! Everyone learns at different rates.

In this Lesson you will:

-Learn the basics of how an E-foil works

-Understand the principles of a Hydrofoil

-Learn about the safety precautions and information about the efoil

-Do a dry run of how pop up procedure

-Practice throttle control on your stomach

-Practice throttle control and balance on your knees

-Work on rising to your feet and riding on the board (not foiling)

-Work on touch n goes (beginning foiling phase)’

-Work on foiling at speed

-Learn to turn and stay and control on the efoil

Suggested items to bring with you on the day of your lesson:

1.) Sunglasses

2.) Hat

3.) Sunscreen

4.) Booties (water shoes)

5.) Water

6.) Wetsuit (if needed)

7.) Helmet (if you have one)

8.) Stoke

After you master the 5’4″ Cruiser E-foil, you may want to come back and practice on the 4’9 Sport version. This smaller board is lighter and more maneuverable. We can take you out for as many sessions as you’d like! When you are ready to purchase your own E-Foil, let us know and we can help you! We are an authorized Lift Affiliate so contact us for your purchase. We can help get you a $250 discount applied toward your purchase! The price of these amazing machines is $12,000 plus shipping.

Most lessons will meet at the Shop and then head to our “E-foil Spot” or the “520 Slick”. We sometimes do lessons at Grills Riverside in Melbourne FL as well.  The location will typically be wind and condition dependent. You will be notified the night before or morning of the location.

Shop Address:

110 Dixie Lane

Cocoa Beach FL 32931

520 Slick Location:

E-Foil Spot on North Side of 520 Causeway:

Grills Riverside:

About the Lift E-foil

As the creators of the original eFoil, Lift is the leader of this new sport. They have combined the modern technology of electric vehicles with a decade of hydrofoil design and expertise; the result is an elegant and sophisticated ride. The eFoil is no longer a dream or a prototype- they have been in full production for over 3 years and have delivered thousands of units around the world.

Lift efoil lesson and rental center

How does an E-foil work?

Basically the hydrofoil wing creates lift in the water as the speed is increased from the propulsion motor. The motor is powered by a large lithium battery that can last up to an hour and half. The speed and power is controlled by a wireless bluetooth remote you hold in your hand. Once basic throttle skills are acquired, the speed creates enough lift for the board to come out of the water. Basically its a magic carpet! Come take a ride.

Our Fleet

We teach students on the 5’4″ E3 Cruiser with the large 250 or 300 wings! We also have a 4’9″ Sport to demo once proper skills are acquired. We can teach you all about the boards, wings, remote, maintenance and batteries. Ask us about our Affiliate Code to use for purchasing a new board with Lift!

  • All-carbon fiber hydrofoil
  • Advanced lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor
  • Wireless Bluetooth hand controller
  • Capable of over an hour of ride time at up to 25 mph.

The Full Lift E-Foil Lineup: 

How does your experience on the Lift eFoil transfer over to Surf or Sup foiling?

There is no question that riding an eFoil has helped my foiling in all other disciplines. We all can agree that no matter how many Youtube videos you watch or forums you read, there is no substitution for repetition if you want to advance your skills in pretty much anything. In my eyes, riding an eFoil is exactly this! It has the added benefit of being incredibly fun in itself. The eFoil provides the foiling experience for an extended time while allowing your body to create the necessary muscle memory. It takes away the element of having to catch a wave or harness the wind. You are in control of your speed. The weight of the battery and board is different than what you may experience on a prone or SUP, but this makes these lighter boards feel even more lively when switching.  I kind of look at it like a baseball player swinging a weighted bat prior to stepping up to the plate. A good example is when I was learning to wingsurf, I struggled with riding the foil on my switch stance. While doing some eFoil lessons, I started playing around with it. After a couple sessions, it started to feel natural. This was a game changer. My next wingsurf session was much smoother as my body just seemed to know what to do. Although it may not be exactly the same as riding a wave, the body movements and sensations are extremely similar and overall foiling is foiling and riding an eFoil will definitely help all other hydrofoiling disciplines.

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