Hydrofoils in Cocoa Beach

Hydrofoils in Cocoa Beach

Hydrofoils (aka foils) have been a growing trend among kiteboarders nowadays. This trend is starting to spread throughout other water sports. Standup Paddleboarders are starting put foils on the bottom of their boards and catching and riding the smallest of waves. Surfers are beginning to paddle into waves on standard shortboards and riding waves on these hydrofoils. They can now pump off of one wave back out into the lineup and hop on another wave. This was unthought of until it became reality. Here are at Good Breeze Kiteboarding, we are trying to be on top of this trend because we too are passionate about it. We carry multiple brands of foils for kiting, surfing, paddleboarding or windsurfing. We will be bringing in new surf-foils from Slingshot, GoFoil and Zeeko. Time to get out there soar above the water like a pelican riding an updraft. Hydrofoiling is the future of watersports. Cocoa Beach is the perfect place to get started. The mellow, slow breaking waves of the area make it ideal for surf and SUP foils. The lightwind conditions of the summer seabreeze are perfect for kitefoiling and windsurf foiling.  Have some questions on hydrofoils or looking to purchase one? Come by today or give us a call! 321.252.5483

Screen Shot 2016 01 29 at 5.02.46 PM by roger scruggs     Cocoa Beach Hydrofoil    Hydro Foil in Cocoa Beach    IMG 0311     Surf Foil

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