El Nino in Detail

El Nino Season 2015-16 In Detail All content is based on an article by SHEA GIBSON at Weatherflow. The article can be found in this link. El Nino Wind Prediction for the US East Coast   What does it mean for us? After reviewing an article in the Weatherflow Blog written by our wind guru […]

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El Nino Predictions, 2016 Compstick Likes & Ride Engine HYPE!

  El Nino Season 2015-16 What does it mean for us? The El Nino season coming upon us for the winter of 2015-16 means several things for our wind and surf conditions. El Nino winters are characterized by a stronger than average Pacific Jet Stream. This means a wet and late winter season between December […]

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Erika, Closeouts & Used Gear

Hurricane Erika Updates As hurricane Erika inches closer to our Florida border, the possibility of sizable wind and wave activity grows. Erika is tracked to arrive on Sunday/ Monday. Currently a tropical storm, Erika is carrying winds 40-45kts and crawling at 18mph NNW towards Miami. Projected paths put the large storm right on top of […]

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How to Quickly Assemble Your LF Foilboard

The Quickest Way to Assemble Your LF Foil Nice! You just got home with your BRAND NEW Liquid Force Foil Fish Kit. You’re ready to ride and need to put this thing together quickly without risk of damage. Here’s how you do it.               Step 1 After opening the […]

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Slingshot Month 2015

Its that time of year again! It went so well last year that we have decided to do it again this year. Good Breeze Kiteboarding is proud to announce that April will be Slingshot Month for Central Florida. We will have tons of gear that proficient riders are able to come and demo for 24 […]

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