2023 AWSI -Community Stoke Retailer of Year Award

This September I made my annual pilgrimage to Oregon to attend the AWSI Conference. I can’t think of a “work conference” I’d rather go to! Basically it’s an excuse to try all the new gear that will be coming out in the next year. With a hands on approach to deciding what to order and offer to you this week is not only fun, but highly valuable! I tested and inspected tons of new gear. I talked shop for hours to get the details and figure out what makes what great. Im happy to discuss any of this with you! Just know that we order what we think will make you happy! Click the image below to get quick Insta Overview of the first day. 
Adding to the excitement of a windy Gorge with all the gear you could possibly want…myself and the team are very proud and honored to have been awarded the AWSI “2023 Community Stoke Retailer of the Year”. This award was definitely a surprise! But we really see this as an award for ALL OF YOU! We obviously couldn’t have done it with out this amazing community and all the support from our amazing customers/friends. We thank you from the bottom our hearts and look forward to continue being a part of the continued Stoke in this community.
-Billy and the GB team

Take a look at our quick overview of the AWSI to get an idea of what its like! We will be adding photos, videos and more on our Instagram and Youtube so don’t miss out! Some of the riding levels of pros there is just insane! There were wing foilers, downwind foilers, kiters, windsurfers, efoils and more!