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Intro Kiteboarding Lesson

Intro Kiteboarding Lesson


Intro Kiteboarding Lesson

2.5-3 Hours

$225 for one person – $149 each for groups of two or three – $110 each for four – six people 

Not sure where to start? Start with an Intro Lesson. This is your foundation for becoming a kiteboarder. Learning to fly the kite is an essential part of kiteboarding. 

This lesson can be done on land or in shallow water (condition dependent). It is very important to learn proper kite skills before adding the element of water. The majority of this lesson is spent learning relevant kite flying skills with a full-size inflatable kiteboarding kite. All lessons are booked private unless you bring a partner(s).  $20 deposit required upon booking. 

In this lesson you will:

– Fly a trainer* (foil) Kite to learn basic Kite control

– Determine desired wind directions and speeds

– Learn basic terminology

– Learn about the “Wind Window”

– Set up an inflatable kite 

– Learn basic kite control with an inflatable kite

– Rotate and un-rotate the bar

– Activate the safety system/quick release mechanism

– Learn about “Self Rescue”

– Explore all areas of the “Wind Window” while learning the clock positions

– Learn how to launch and land 

– Pilot the kite with one hand and walk with the kite 

– Learn about launching and landing


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