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Make Sure You Ask Your School if They Use A WATERCRAFT DURING LESSONS! 

Kiteboarding is a very technical activity and requires large amounts of training and instruction. You cannot just grab a kite and hop on a board. The people you see kitesurfing might make it look effortless or easy but this is because they have experience and have received proper instruction. The sport is comparable to Scuba Diving or Skydiving. Instruction should be obtained through lessons by trained professionals.  Just like any hobby, you can always benefit greatly by receiving advice from a professional. Whether you're a beginner or you already have some Kiteboarding experience. The lessons below range from introductory, land-based lessons to more advanced water-based classes. Cocoa Beach is the ideal location for anyone interested in Kiteboarding. The shallow flat water of the Banana River Lagoon is perfect to build up a range of skills and techniques in a safe environment. Cash is always the preferable method but we do accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Paypal! 

Please bring a pair water shoes or "booties" to protect your feet. Please also bring a swimsuit or a wetsuit if the weather is cold. These items are available for sale in the shop if you do not have them already. All other equipment is included.


Lessons Available and Pricing

    • Intro Course

    • $225 for One Person - $149 each for up to 3 People - $110 each for 4+ people

      • 2.5 to 3 Hour Course. Learn the basics of Safety, Setup, Terminology and Kite Flying. $20 deposit required upon booking.
    • Water or Hourly

    • $110/Hour for 1 Person - $70/Hour for 2 People

      • Offering WATERCRAFT SUPPORT IN FLAT SHALLOW WATER!!! We take away your worries by allowing you to practice in open water free from all obstructions. Work on any aspect of kiteboarding at your pace.
    • Combo Course

    • $420 for 1 Person RECOMMENDED

      • READY TO BECOME A KITEBOARDER?! This package includes the Intro Lesson and 2 Additional Hours of Water Lessons! Approximately 3 Hours of Lessons. Full Payment required at signup.
    • Supervision

    • $50/hour for Experienced Riders Only

      • Boat supervision is available for those who are up and riding but not quite staying upwind, or just feel more comfortable with someone keeping an eye on them in case something goes wrong. This also a way to rent (hire) equipment if you do not have any with you.

    • Guided Downwinder

    • $50/ hour Experienced Riders Only

      • Ride with an instructor and maybe some locals! Setup a downwind run with the crew while getting some pointers on how to ride in the ocean and tackle the waves.
    • IKO Certification

    • $30 up to Level 3 Riders

      • We just need to see you ride so we can certify you up to your level. Some areas (such as Miami) require that you be certified and insured to ride at their locations. This may also be required to rent (hire) equipment at some locations around the world.
    • Foil or Board Skills w/ Jetski

    • $110/ hour for WATERMEN OF ALL KINDS

      • You don't have to or want to be a kiteboarder to take this lesson. Work on wakeboard, kiteboard or hydrofoil skills behind the jetski. Also offering hydrofoil surfing, paddleboarding or wakefoiing lessons.
    • Kite Hydrofoil

    • $110/ hour for 1 Person - $70/Hour for 2 People

      • Ready to hover? Take a hydrofoil lesson with us to take your kiteboarding to the next level. Students must be proficient kiteboarders with confident kite skills.


**Combo Package**:

$420 includes the Intro Lesson and 2 Hours of Water Lessons!

If you are serious and ready to learn, this is the package for you! Payment required upfront for the Combo Package to lock in the discount. No refunds will be given once the Combo Course is booked. This class can be done all in one day (weather and schedule permitted) or multiple days. This is the best option to start the path of becoming a kiteboarder! See descriptions below for the Intro and Water Lessons. 

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Intro Lesson (about 2.5-3 hours):  

 $225 for one person

 $149 each for groups of two or three.  

 $110 each for four - six people  

This lesson can be done on land or in shallow water (condition dependent). It is very important to learn proper kite skills before adding the element of water. The majority of this lesson is spent learning relevant kite flying skills with a full size inflatable kiteboarding kite. All lessons are booked private unless you bring a partner(s).  $20 deposit required upon booking.

In this lesson you will: 

- Fly a trainer* (foil) Kite to learn basic Kite control 

- Determine desired wind directions and speeds 

- Learn basic terminology 

- Learn about the "Wind Window" 

- Set up an inflatable kite  

- Learn basic kite control with an inflatable kite 

- Rotate and un-rotate the bar 

- Activate the safety system/quick release mechanism 

- Learn about "Self Rescue" 

- Explore all areas of the "Wind Window" while learning the clock positions 

- Learn how to launch and land  

- Pilot the kite with one hand and walk with the kite  

- Learn about launching and landing 

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   Colin Kite intro Cocoa Beach Small   Kiteboarding-Setup-Cocoa-Beach.gif   Intro Lesson small


Water/Hourly Lessons: This lesson normally uses WATERCRAFT SUPPORT IN FLAT SHALLOW WATER!!!  

This takes away all your worries by allowing you to practice in open water free from all obstructions.

$110 an hour or $70 per person with buddy (limited to two people at time)  

Water Lessons are normally given at The 520 Slick

In this lesson you will: 

- Master kite setup 

- Master one hand flying 

- Downwind body drags 

- Upwind body drags 

- Upwind body drags with board 

- Recover board using body drags 

- Master Self Rescue 

- Learn how to board start in both directions 

- Work on riding and going upwind 

- Learning how to jump

- Learn to change directions 

- Work on any aspect of your riding! 

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Body Dragging cocoa beach Small Cropped        Audrey Lesson Cocoa Beach Small Cropped       IMG 8998



Kite Experience Lesson (1 hour):

$75 per person  

 Want to see if Kiteboarding is for you? Looking for something fun to do with the family? Get a feel for what Kite Flying has to offer. This is a Land Lesson with smaller foil kites.

In this lesson you will: 

- Learn how to determine wind direction and wind speed while assessing weather conditions 

 - Learn basic kite and wind terminology 

 - Learn all about the "Wind Window" and how to use it 

- Fly a trainer* (foil) kite  

- Fly 3 line ram air water re-launchable kite

*Trainer kites are small foil kites that help one learn about the "Wind Window" and understand basic kite control. A foil kite is a bridled kite that is not inflated with a pump and can safely be flown by a beginner with no experience.

little girl flying trainer kite


iko card

IKO Certification:   $30 to get your International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) card certifying you to your level. We just need to see you ride. Some areas (such as Miami) require that you be certified and insured to ride at certain spots. This may also be required to rent (hire) equipment at some locations around the world. If you are looking for an Instructor Training Course (ITC) then please refer to the IKO website for locations. 


Guided Downwinders:  $50 per hour (EXPERIENCED RIDERS ONLY)  

We will take you on about a 5 mile downwinder in the waves. Support will be provided by an experienced ocean rider to help if your kite goes down, you lose your board or need help along the way. Advice, tips, and tricks on ocean wave riding will be provided. We can show you where to get out of the water and how to use the Trolley system. Please bring a shirt (or rashguard), some sort of foot protection (booties), and $1.50. You must be able to ride upwind and comfortable on the board already.   

 Kit4.jpg       barrel_2.jpeg       Rainbow-Kites-in-front-of-house-small.gif


Boat Supervision: $50 an hour (EXPERIENCED RIDERS ONLY)

Watercraft supervision is available for those who are up and riding but not quite staying upwind consistently or those who just feel more comfortable with someone keeping an eye on them in case something goes wrong. This is also a way to rent (hire) equipment if you are traveling and do not have any with you. You will have to prove that you are fairly self-sufficient and do not need constant attention from an instructor. An instructor will most likely be working with a beginner student while keeping an eye on you. We can provide equipment if available. Lessons have first priority on the equipment, watercraft, and instructor. It is at the discretion of the instructor whether a student is at a sufficient level to participate in "Supervision". If an instructor finds that you are not at Supervision level and you need constant attention, the Water Lesson rate will be charged and/or the Supervision ended.  



HydroFoil Lessons (Hourly)
Learn to foil in the safety of the Banana River or the Beautiful Atlantic Ocean
$110 Per Hour (Limited to One Person at a Time)

NOTE: This lesson is for experienced kiteboarders only. In order to learn to foil, you must be able to ride in both directions, do transitions and make upwind progress. 

In this lesson you will:

-Learn how foil boards work

-Learn how to safely mount and dismount the Foilboard

-Start with a short mast to feel the sensation of foiling

-Progress your way to slightly larger masts

-Master Foilboard starts

-Get on plane and retain balance while planning

-Master foiling upwind and downwind riding

**Highly recommended  that you complete the FREE Foil Academy program before your lesson: http://www.foil-academy.com


IMG 1542

Jet-Ski Board Skills: This lesson is designed to get you up riding and comfortable on a twin tip Kiteboard, Foilboard, Wakeboard or Surfboard. 

$110 an hour

Riding the board behind a jet-ski takes away all the worries of learning the kite and board skills at the same time. This allows you to practice in open water free from all obstructions with the steady, predictable pull of the ski. Learning to kite is all about marrying your kite skills with your board skills. We find that some students without board sports backgrounds develop their ability with the kite faster than the board. This lesson is designed to save you time, money and frustration by amplifying your board learning time.  

This ia great option for all Wakeboarder, Surfers, Paddleboarders, Kiteboarders, Windsurfers and others wanting to learn how to ride a hydrofoil. The Flight School System allows quick and safe learning of foil riding. It is a great foundation for any foiling activity. WE WILL PROVIDE THE FOIL BOARD!! 

Board Skills Lessons are normally given on the north side of the 520 Causeway across from the famous 520 Slick.

In this lesson you will:

- Meet at the 520 Slick boat ramp 

- Cruise to open, chop-protected waters of the Banana River

- Work on skills needed to get up on the board  

- Learn how to ride a hydrofoil while being pulled behind a jetski or Practice carving and holding an edge if using a kiteboard

- Foilers will have the ability to utilize the Slingshot Flight School system with different size masts to maximize learning

- Become comfortable in both “goofy” and “regular” stances 

- Master turning and 180-degree transitions 

- Have a great time getting towed around by our powerful jet-ski! 

- Have the ability to work on advanced board skills such edge and pop (jumps)


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